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Richly textured with blackberry and raspberry flavors and notes of violet and toasted almond, leading to a lush, satisfying, fruity finish. Serve at 64° F.

- Marco Galeazzo, Winemaker

Sourced entirely from the renowned Chianti region from vineyards in Tuscany located on well-exposed terrain. “Galestro” clay soils impart the wine’s elegance and refinement, while the well-drained “Albarese” limestone soils impart rich and full-bodied characteristics to create the truest expression of Sangiovese in the world.

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About the Region

The Chianti area – a stone’s throw from the Chianti Classico classification. These low yielding vineyards – a combination of Galestro (limestone) and Albarese (sand) soils – impart complex, rich and refined characteristics to the Sangiovese grape.